Integrate short micro breaks into your day to speed up the recovery time for your back pain.

Speed up the recovery time for your back pain.

Do you have backache from a pull or sprain? Or do you get back pain when sat in a chair all day?

Experts recommend keeping mobile throughout the day to greatly speed up back pain recovery times and protect against future back pain problems. Gone are the days when Doctors prescribed bed rest. Your back needs to be told that ‘everything is OK’ and regular, gentle exercise is the way to do this.

By incorporating simple, scheduled micro breaks into your daily routine you can keep your joints and muscles mobile and active, easing away muscle knots and speeding up recovery time. By performing regular, very short micro breaks, you could make a huge difference in how quickly your back recovers from the injury.

The problem:
As you go about your day however, it’s very difficult to remember to do the necessary exercises. And even when you do remember, knowing which exercises to perform isn’t very obvious.

This is where Backache app can help.

• Backache app will send you regular notifications when to take a micro break throughout the day.
• Simply follow the physiotherapist as he shows you which exercises to perform.
• The micro breaks can be performed anywhere as no special equipment is needed.
• Set up your own schedule to suit your requirements.
• Backache app includes exercises that target all areas of the body including back, neck, legs, chest, feet, arms and hands.

Using this app each day will speed up the recovery of your existing back injury or pain.

The exercises have been put together by physiotherapist is Ashley Fickling, Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and registered with the Health Professions Council.

Born out of necessity

Being sat in a chair for most of the day, Mark Crooks, the app designer and developer, had regular backache.

During consultations with his physiotherapist, Mark was advised to take regular micro breaks throughout the day, getting out of his chair and moving his muscles and joints.

Mark quickly discovered however that trying to remember to take micro breaks was much more difficult than he first anticipated. He found himself getting so involved in his work that he would be sat for hours at a time without a break, only remembering about micro breaks when his back began to ache.

Even when he did remember to take a micro break, despite his physiotherapist prescribing several exercises, Mark found himself repeating the same one or two exercises over and over.

Using Backache app regularly will help you form a healthy habit.

Mark understood the importance of taking micro breaks but realised that he needed additional help in trying to incorporate them into his day.

Being a mobile app developer the solution was staring him in the face.

The Backache app concept was born.

Pull Quotes

Integrate short micro breaks into your day to speed up the recovery time for your back pain.

If you get backache from sitting in a chair, integrate short micro breaks into your day.

Regular, gentle exercise could be the key to a speedy recovery from back pain.

Chair bound office workers need a survival strategy if they expect their backs to survive decades of abuse.

Using Backache app regularly will help you form a healthy habit.

Take regular micro breaks throughout the day to help with backache due to prolonged sitting in your chair.


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